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Full House Trader is the publication dedicated to in-depth analysis and forecasting of economic and financial market trends.

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  Our short and long-term outlook for the U.S. and global economy.
  Technical and fundamental analysis of major financial markets.
  Market opinion reflected in our stockpicks and futures setups. 
  Trading commentary including entry selection, stops, & risk management.
  ....and not to mention some of our favorite diversions.
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BRAND NEW! Cornerstone Annual Market Outlook, Jan. 2010: PDF Presentation here.
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"Food Wine and the Markets" an Introduction to Great Wines of Italy, Aug. 31, 2004, hosted by Striker.com... info click here.
Cornerstone Economic & Financial Outlook...Aug. 2004...see PDF here

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Cornerstone 2004 Annual Market Outlook and Online Trading Seminar...Dec. 6, 2003...see PDF Presentation here
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   Oct 2002: From early 2001 to mid 2002 we were cautious while others forecast rosy scenarios that didn't materialize. We noted that fiscal stimulus was needed as monetary policy had failed. Finally, on Oct. 18 2002 we called the stock market bottom and subsequent recovery.
   Jan 2007: Economic recovery has come at a price. As early as Jan 2002 we warned on the Housing Bubble and looming Baby Boom Retirement challenge. In early '07 the economy is teetering as both housing and manufacturing are at "soft landing" levels. See our Jan 2007 Economic Outlook here.

   Oct 2007: We called the stock market top to within a few days of the turn.

   Jan 2008: We confirm the stock market top and declare a bear market in progress.

   March 18, 2009: We called the stock market bottom after the worst bear market in many decades.

   Where do we see the economy heading now?...Click here for our latest report at FullHouseTrader.net!


   We called the Stock Index tops in Jan. 2002 within two points, then called the October 2002 bottom on Oct. 18th. In April 2004 we saw the market in a corrective phase, not a bear market. Our top picks in 2004: the energy sector and foreign stocks (particularly Europe).

   We called the stock market top in Oct. 2007 and the bottom on March 18, 2009.

   From 7-31-03 we've steadily forecast a series of "new highs" in stock indexes. As of Sept. '06 we looked for a rally into the Jan. '07 earnings season.
   What was our market forecast in January 2007?...Click here for our Jan. 07 Annual Market Outlook.
   Where do we see the markets heading now?...Click here for our latest report at FullHouseTrader.net!

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