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Very Poor Not Good Decent Escape  Good Very Good Superb All-Time Best
Date Film Comments Rated Pair of Jokers No Pair High Pairs Trips Straights & Flushes Full House Straight Flush
8/14/04 Control Room Fives full
More important than Fahrenheit 911. A documentary look at the Iraq war from the eyes of Al Jazeera, the "CNN" of the Arab World.
8/11/04 Maria Full of Grace Queen High Flush
A look at the desperate lives of narcotics couriers or "mules". Great casting and photography. 
8/7/04 The Corporation Jack high straight 
Very well done satirical documentary of the modern corporate entity as "psychopath". Entertaining and thought provoking.
8/3/04 Manchurian Candidate Trip Nines
Not bad, not great. 
7/24/04 Bourne Supremacy Straight to the 5
Not as interesting as the Bourne Identity but reasonably entertaining.
7/20/04 Farenheit 9-11 Ten High Flush
Not Michael Moore's best film but entertaining, thought-provoking and very timely. 
7/10/04 Before Sunset King High Flush.
Very enjoyable, romantic, thought-provoking. We all have similar experiences which makes watching this film so interesting.
6/20/04 Super Size Me Queens Full
Cannot "over recommend" this fantastic documentary. Timely, entertaining, enlightening, disturbing.
5/16/04 Day After Tomorrow Straight to the 8.
The kind of movie you enjoy while watching then immediately forget. Entertaining, some great visuals, along with a science lesson.
5/14/04 Troy Aces Full
Reasonably accurate screenplay of a major literary classic (The Iliad). The movie has it all: history, romance, war, villains, and plenty of sappy drama. This generations' "Ben Hur". Highly recommended.
5/02/04 Intolerable Cruelty A full house!
Hilarious from start to finish. Very worthwhile. Near-perfect casting.
4/13/04 Mona Lisa Smile Straight to the 5.
Starts slow but gets better. A "ladies movie" that guys can enjoy also.
4/04/04 Matchstick Men Aces Full or better
Nick Cage is brilliantly cast as a slimy phone scam operator. Numerous subplots and an ingenious twist late in the film makes for one of the best movies we've seen in a long time.
3/27/04 Spartan Pair of nines
Poor, cheap staging, bad lighting, inappropriate casting really hurt this shallow, improbable tale.  When Ed of Married with Children shows up as the head of the Secret Service, the crowd chuckles and enjoys the absurdism.  William Macy badly miscast and misdirected as a high-ranking CIA operative. 
3/21/04 Taking Lives Three Jacks
Decent passtime film starring screen goddess Angelina Jolie.  Some inconsistencies mar what could have been a much better movie.
3/18/04 City of God Straight to the Nine
Solid, worthwhile film with variety of plots revolving around life in an impoverished Brasilian Favela
3/14/04 Secret Window Fours full
Most memorable film in awhile. Despite being somewhat predictable, the unraveling is still very well done... Great twists and turns.
3/11/04 Starsky & Hutch Straight to the Jack
Infectious humor, good date film too
3/6/04 Same River Twice Fives full
Loved it... great film takes a "then and now" look back on 40 somethings and how their lives & relationships have changed
3/02/04 My Architect A solid straight... main story and several back stories make for very interesting film.
2/22/04 House of Sand and Fog Aces Full... any better and it's a straight flush!
Stupendous... an emotional roller coaster. In some ways reminiscent of "Cape Fear"... very gripping start to finish. Easily deserves Oscar nominations.
2/15/04 Barbershop 2 A pair of deuces
A few laughs at most... not nearly as good as first.
2/07/04 Fog of War Kings full. Should be "required viewing" for voters.
Brilliant documentary of America's war experience as told by Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense for Kennedy & Johnson during VietNam.
1/17/04 In America From a flush on up...a great film.
Just great.  Very absorbing story, great, refreshing "no-name" acting
1/16/04 The Cooler A solid straight or flush... good acting. 
Hollywood makes up for the dreadful "Leaving Las Vegas" with this almost- believeable tale. Alec Baldwin was awesome in character, his best since GlenGarry.
1/11/04 Mystic River  Straight to the ten.
Great acting. Something held this picture back, can't say exactly what...maybe because I'm left wondering why this story matters.  Editors should have added scenes to increase the importance of the basic story of childhood abuse.
1/11/04 Master and Commander Queen high flush.
A very good guy movie.  Great acting, wardrobe, scenes, etc.  The story was not developed much beyond tightly focused naval battles which were great in most details.
1/10/04 Lost in Translation Honestly, maybe a pair of 9's
Look at the poster of Murray sitting on the bed and expect to see THAT in variation for 2 hours.  Some decent chuckles but a Best Film nomination is ludicrous.
1/10/04 Monster Major full house...if not higher.
A perfect movie about such a staggeringly defectoid as Aileen Wuornos. Maybe one of the great acting jobs of all time by anyone in Charlize Theron. What a shame this degree of personal collapse is, and what justice the victims deserve.
1/08/04 Love Actually Ten high straight
Clever, funny, often true with solid comedy in a romantic, seasonal piece.
12/26/03 Cold Mountain Three threes
Too much violence, not particularly believeable scenes or line reading.
12/20/03 Somethings Gotta Give A full house!
Funny, great non-hystrionic performances
12/16/03 Bad Santa Pair of Jokers
Indescribably bad, vulgar film
12/13/03 Human Stain Pair of Queens
Decent if you have nothing else to do.
12/12/03 21 Grams Pair of Jokers
Mundane story kept alive by clever but irritating time sequencing. Overacted.
2003 Whale Rider Queens Full!
Historical, geographical, & personal story interweave in this beautiful film. In some ways remindful of the classic "Once Were Warriors"
2003 Catch Me if You Can Queens Full!
Clever, funny, very engaging romp with a real life scam master
2003 Bruce Almighty Straight to the 9.
Humorous & inspiring. Well worth making an effort to see.
2003 Seabiscuit Straight Flush to the Jack
An epic that works well enough to deserve the label
2003 Bringing Down the House Tens Full!
Hilarious adult comedy. Sometimes rib breaking funny. Did we mention belly laughs?